City of Sidney Parks

Thinking about playing softball this year?
Did you forget to sign up last week?

Well you had better mark down this date!!!!!

Saturday - February 28, 2015 (12:00-3:00 pm) at the IUTIS Club House

Come on down and get signed up for a team!

All 1st time players need to bring a copy of their birth certificates to be used in determining which division they will be placed.
All Sign-Ups will be held at the IUTIS hall on 2329 Wapakoneta Ave.
Finally, please have your childs correct shirt size available upon request.

If you wish to sign now...
Then click here to signup

After you sign up, be sure to come back to our website for schedules, game results and win/loss records.
A Brief History of IUTIS

Legendary Left Hander, the late and great, Joe Nuxhall.
Who is has rounded third for the last time and is finally at home.

A special thanks to Leadar Roll for the the donation of the webmaster's time during the season